Spoons of turmeric and other Indian spices.

4 ways curcumin keeps you mentally sharp

Curry, thanks to the spice turmeric, fights against many diseases. Credit goes to curcumin, the polyphenol that gives turmeric its bright yellow color.

Woman trying to untangle Christmas lights

6 ways to save Christmas cash and keep your cool

Check out these simple tips to save your Christmas cash and create more holiday cheer this year — and the next.

Man jogging in winter

Shiver to ‘turn on’ brown fat to burn more calories

Not all fat is bad. Your body's brown fat can actually burn calories and could kick your weight loss program into high gear.


Winterize your home by laying insulation in attic.

Winterize your home to prevent costly damage

Take action before the weather gets too cold. Here's how to winterize ...

4 questions to ask before buying an extended warranty

An extended warranty may sound like a good deal. Before you splurge ...

4 keys to picking the perfect computer

Uncover your perfect computer — a reasonably priced computer with enough speed ...

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Female personal shopper with shopping bags

15 ways to make 100 dollars or more a month

Everyone could use a little extra cash. Check out these 15 ways to make 100 dollars or more a month you’ve never thought of.

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Turn cheap cuts of meats into deal-icious delights

You can give cheap cuts of meat a makeover. Here’s how to make them just as tempting as more expensive cuts and help take a bite out of your beef budget.

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Silence a vibrating washer with these do-it-yourself fixes

Is your brand new washer so loud it could wake the dead? Check for these culprits and follow our do-it-yourself noise fixes to avoid a repair bill.

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Pump up your immune system to defeat infections

Viruses and bacteria are waiting to attack you. A healthy immune system has no problem shutting them out, but one that’s starved for key nutrients might.

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Fortify your immune system for super health

Your immune system fends off a constant flood of germs, viruses, and other microscopic villains. Here are three simple ways to keep your immune system active and strong.

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20 secrets of power shoppers

Top 20 secrets of power shoppers who never pay anything close to full price.

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Probiotics: Boost immunity with beneficial ‘bugs’

Probiotics are dynamic disease fighters with anti-inflammatory powers, and they deliver more health benefits than basic nutrition alone.

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9 clever uses for cornstarch around the house

Cornstarch is not just for thickening sauces. Grab the container of cornstarch in your pantry and put it to work on these household dilemmas.

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How to replace an unhealthy habit with a healthy one

Commit to replacing an old unhealthy habit with a new healthy one. Here’s how.

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Smart ways to get out of debt quickly

Paying off credit cards is a simple way to maximize your income and minimize your debt. Consider “snowballing” your credit card debt.

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