A grouping of items to help have a successful garage sale.

29 secrets for holding a successful garage sale

Stop hoarding all that stuff around your house and turn it into cash! Here are top tips that can make yours the most successful garage sale ever.

A jar of sauerkraut, an anti-aging superfood.

The anti-aging superfoods you can make in a jar

How does fermentation create the anti-aging superfoods your body needs? Read all about this healthy way of eating plus a super simple recipe to try at home.

A young lady listening to music.

Tune in and cheer up! Listening to music can improve your mood

Listening to music can mean good things for your brain and your health and it's even a recognized medical treatment called music therapy!


A calculator with the word ENERGY on the readout, lying on top of money, showing the importance to reduct energy bills.

Reduce energy bills by hundreds of dollars a year

You don’t have to pay through the nose to keep your home ...
Ways to organize your office to clean and orderly.

7 simple tasks help you organize your office in 15 minutes or less

Try these 7 tasks that will reduce clutter and help you organize ...
A woman laying in bed who discovered natural solutions to sleep better.

8 natural ways to sleep better every night

Why risk the dangers of drug-induced snooze when natural solutions like these ...

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A woman holding shopping bags and looking on her phone for ways to save money.

3 ways to save money while shopping

Want to save money on just about everything? Get what you want and pay less for it. Try these 3 simple tricks that let you stretch your spending dollars.

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A bowl of shrimp in curry sauce, an anti-aging superfood.

Can curry cure Alzheimer’s? The truth behind this anti-aging superfood

The delicious blend of turmeric, coriander, and cumin known as curry powder can fight against Alzheimer’s, due to the anti-aging superfood compound curcumin.

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The health benefits of garlic are amazing.

Behold: the 6 biggest health benefits of garlic

Lower your blood pressure, protect your arteries, prevent blood clots! All benefits of garlic. How do you get the MOST from this herb? We’ll show you!

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Bowl of water with red rose petals used for aromatherapy.

The ABCs of aromatherapy

Aromatherapy uses essential oils to promote healthy living and to treat conditions like fatigue, anxiety, and pain. Find out which scents can help you!

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A rewards program loyalty or benefits card.

Score special deals and freebies with a store rewards program

Saving money has never been so easy! Sign up for the rewards program at your favorite store. Keep reading to get the run-down on how to save the most!

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Young woman shows you how to organize your fridge for food safety.

Organize your fridge for food safety

Control your home’s food safety by organizing your fridge — and know how long you should keep food and how best to store food. Save up to 25% of your annual food costs, too!

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A bunch of fresh cut herbs for health.

Herbs for health: 13 easy-to-grow all-stars from your garden

Save money and get super health benefits by growing your own herbs for health. It’s so easy you’ll want to plant them in every nook and cranny!

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A scale's read-out stating, "You can do this!", illustrating easy ways to exercise.

Easy ways to exercise — without breaking a sweat

Do you want safe, easy ways to exercise and burn extra calories? NEAT exercises don’t involve lifting weights or other strenuous activity — find out more!

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Sesame-ginger salmon, an anti-aging superfood

Anti-aging superfood saves your memories

If you could eat an anti-aging superfood to keep your brain sharp, you’d do it, right? Say hello to salmon and our delicious Sesame-Ginger Salmon recipe!

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A display of fresh food, like those found at Farmers Markets.

Hit your farmers markets for healthy eating, healthy living

Farmers Markets are the best way to get fresh, local fruits and vegetables, proven to fight disease. We tell you everything you need to know so you can save money, select the best produce per season, and keep it fresher longer.

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