A display of fresh food, like those found at Farmers Markets.

Hit your farmers markets for healthy eating, healthy living

Farmers Markets are the best way to get fresh, local fruits and vegetables, proven to fight disease. We tell you everything you need to know so you can save money, ...

Senior woman in her garden pruning trees the right way using her pain management skills.

Pain management among the blooms: ache-free ways to feel great while gardening

Gardening should help you heal, not lay you up in bed with aches and pains! Take the ache out of gardening with these pain management ideas and smart tips.

Person cleaning chrome, one of the uses of vinegar.

17 can’t-miss uses for vinegar — the multitasking wonder!

Forget buying high-cost, name-brand cleaning products. Make your house sparkle from top to bottom for pennies with these amazing uses for vinegar!


Several kinds of sugar, representing the hidden sugar in so many foods.

Hidden sugar solutions: simple changes that can save your health

Eating too much added sugar is linked to heart disease, diabetes and ...
Hidden sugar can sabotage your diet.

Sweet poison: how hidden sugar wrecks your health

How hidden sugar can sabotage your healthy diet! We show you how ...
A well-organized kitchen showing the result of efforts to controlling clutter.

Controlling clutter: key to quick kitchen cleanup

Keep or toss? Follow these rules and you’ll soon have the secret ...

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Senior woman who eats anti-aging superfoods to stay young, strong and healthy.

Anti-aging superfoods that turn back the clock

Discover the “beauty foods” — these anti-aging superfoods naturally keep your skin young, your bones strong, your hair healthy, and your smile sunny.

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A gardener preparing for spring planting.

Spring planting essentials — top 7 gardening tasks to do right now

The first hint of spring is in the air and a ton of gardening chores are on your mind. This list will help you be prepared for the spring planting and gardening season.

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A father and two sons picking fresh organic produce from a field.

Organic produce — healthy eating or a waste of money?

Imagine spending less money but getting even more bang for your organic buck. You can — once you know the truth about organic produce and healthy eating.

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Young lady in bed suffering from allergies.

Stop suffering! 12 drug-free ways to avoid allergies

Allergies account for one out of every 40 doctor visits! Try these natural health tips for keeping your allergies under control.

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Female walker rubbing her knee due to arthritis pain.

4 common myths about easing arthritis pain

You may be like millions of Americans who live every day with arthritis pain. All that throbbing and aching fuels a $128-billion-a-year industry of pain management solutions. The worst news is when one of these solutions turns out to be more harmful than helpful. It’s just so easy to buy into misinformation, isn’t it? Here […]

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Femaie rubbing her back after working out, needing to practice pain management.

Pain management: 9 drug-free ways to relieve the ache of sore muscles

The pain management solution for sore muscles might be as close as your kitchen. Rely on these home remedies to fend off pain, like after a workout.

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Green tea and dried green tea herbal medicine that can boost your metabolism.

7 secrets to boost your metabolism 

Metabolism tends to slow with age. Fortunately, gaining weight doesn’t have to be a part of aging. You just need to know how to boost your metabolism.

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A bowl of broccoli, which is an anti-aging superfood that boosts your immune system.

Boost your immune system with anti-aging superfood

Two powerful cruciferous chemicals found in broccoli — an anti-aging superfood — can rev up your immune system, keeping you healthier throughout the year.

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Hands holding dollar bills.

8 simple ways to save $5 a day

How do you stretch your dollars even further to save money? Try some of these creative ideas and see if you don’t keep more cash in your pocket.

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A calendar with April 15th circled, illustrating the date for filing taxes.

Filing taxes? Save hundreds with these tips

Filing taxes soon? Pay less in taxes from now on. Up to 2 million people overpay their annual taxes by an average of $610 because they don’t try this strategy.

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